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The #SocialRecruiting Show Ep.80: Employer Branding: Fad or Fab?

Katrina Collier, Social Recruiting Trainer & Keynote, and Audra Knight, Employer Branding Nerd
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#TalentTalk: how to create employee stories that bring your brand to life

Candidates are hunting for the real deal scoop about what the everyday is like working at your company. You're also trying to communicate your EVP, values, and organisational purpose. How do you bring these lofty concepts to life while giving an authentic glimpse at the employee experience?
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#TalentTalk: Onboarding – why it should be one of the top organisational strategies

90% of employees will decide to stay, or go, within the first 6 months of starting with your organisation. Competition for talent is a significant challenge for organisations - huge amounts of time, money & effort are dedicated to finding & hiring the right people, which makes the fact that around 33% of new hires...
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#TalentTalk: How to implement a Talent Demand Generation Strategy

Join Adam Gordon and Clair Bush, Co-founder or Talent Stories, as they dive into how to practically implement a talent demand generation strategy and what steps businesses can take to create revenue from their marketing efforts... (revenue generation strategy!)
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Preventing Counter Offer Risk Ruining Your Performance

Does recruiting with 'bots' work? Personally, I am sceptical. Whilst I understand that bots can help with the recruiting process. I am sceptical that recruiters can use them and retain their humanity.
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Recruiter Chat -1st Feb Hangout

Welcome to the start of a series of regular "hangouts" for recruiters. Recruiter Chat is where you, a recruitment professional, meet others like yourself, share your journey and get help with problems from other like-minded individuals. Consider it a virtual meetup for Recruiters.
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