Talent Talk

#TalentTalk: How to implement a Talent Demand Generation Strategy

Join Adam Gordon and Clair Bush, Co-founder or Talent Stories, as they dive into how to practically implement a talent demand generation strategy and what steps businesses can take to create revenue from their marketing efforts... (revenue generation strategy!)
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#TalentTalk on recording highlights of hiring manager kick-off calls

In this #TalentTalk I will be joined by Nick Livingston, the CEO and Co-Founder of Honeit, which makes it easy to record, transcribe and share insights from everyday phone calls. Employers have been using this as an attraction tool by recording highlights of hiring managers’ kick-off calls to give to prospective candidates. Join Nick and...
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Hire Power #TalentTalk

Listen as Adam and John discuss some of the most dangerous challenges facing business and HR today and how strategic resourcing can provide a comprehensive methodology to bring stability to the erratic elements of business.
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#TalentTalk Ep2: on Candidate Engagement

Using real-world case studies Ali, Neil and Scot will share best practice examples on how companies can engage today’s hard to reach talent and identify precisely which candidates are most interested in working for them, in real time, to cut time and cost to hire for both today’s and tomorrow’s hiring needs.
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Talent Communities really work! #TalentTalk

In next week’s show Billy will be joined by Aaron Lintz, Manager of Recruiting Software and Systems at Snow Software – one of the largest developer of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions - and Stanislaw Wasowicz, Global Business Development Manager at VONQ - one of Europe’s largest online recruitment marketing agencies with global clients such...
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