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#TalentTalk: how to create employee stories that bring your brand to life

Candidates are hunting for the real deal scoop about what the everyday is like working at your company. You're also trying to communicate your EVP, values, and organisational purpose. How do you bring these lofty concepts to life while giving an authentic glimpse at the employee experience?
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#TalentTalk: Onboarding – why it should be one of the top organisational strategies

90% of employees will decide to stay, or go, within the first 6 months of starting with your organisation. Competition for talent is a significant challenge for organisations - huge amounts of time, money & effort are dedicated to finding & hiring the right people, which makes the fact that around 33% of new hires...
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#TalentTalk: How to implement a Talent Demand Generation Strategy

Join Adam Gordon and Clair Bush, Co-founder or Talent Stories, as they dive into how to practically implement a talent demand generation strategy and what steps businesses can take to create revenue from their marketing efforts... (revenue generation strategy!)
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#TalentTalk : Implementing a culture that takes resourcing seriously

An in-depth discussion on why a resourcing strategy is the most important strategy for HR in the modern world. John will share with us many of the most dangerous challenges facing businesses of all sizes and discuss the powerful, tested and simple ways his book outlines for you to turn these threats into a competitive...
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#TalentTalk: Employee referral programmes

In this TalentTalk Adam will be joined by Arnim Wahls, CEO of Firstbird, Europe's leading employee referral program. Arnim will be providing us with tips and tricks on how to implement a powerful referral program as well as the major success drivers.
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Hung Lee’s 2018 Preview, with Adam Gordon #TalentTalk

Hung Lee is one of my (Adam's) favourite talent acquisition commentators and students. His Sunday 'Brain Food' newsletter is the most thought-provoking thing in my inbox each week. Over the festive season he's been finding out what people think are going to be the hottest topics in recruiting in 2018 and in this short #TalentTalk...
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#TalentPipeShow: Billy’s Pragmatic Guide To GDPR

This 45 min webinar will feature real recruiters talking about how they are going to deal with GDPR in practice and not in theory. This is a warm-up before we release our official Candidate.ID GDPR Playbook.
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