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Google for Jobs – What Recruitment Needs to Know

Louise Triance asks Chad Sowash the questions you want answered about Google for Jobs.
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Recruiter Chat -1st Feb Hangout

Welcome to the start of a series of regular "hangouts" for recruiters. Recruiter Chat is where you, a recruitment professional, meet others like yourself, share your journey and get help with problems from other like-minded individuals. Consider it a virtual meetup for Recruiters.
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The Impact of GDPR on Job Board Professionals

Stephanie Creed and Sally Annereau from Taylor Wessing will be talking about how to ensure your job board activity is compliant. This is an interactive Chat Show where you can ask Stephanie and Sally questions during the event. Sally is a senior data protection adviser in the Information Technology, Telecoms & Competition group. She has...
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Recruitment Stuff – GDPR; The Opportunity For Recruiters < cutting through the BS

Lisa Jones will be joining me to talk GDPR and why you should stop worrying about the (20 million Euro) fines and instead look at the opportunities. Consider it’s about putting the individual first and frankly we should all want full control over our personal data. In fact you could view GDPR as an opportunity...
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Recruitment Stuff – HR; Why PSLs are a LOAD of COBBLERS

HR; does it frustrate you when agencies simply ignore your "we have a PSL" policy and insist on engaging with Line Managers? Recruitment Consultants; do you ever take no for an answer when you hear that old "we have a PSL" line? PSLs are STOPPING the best candidates getting the job.
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Recruitment Stuff – Why Webcasting Works

What is so cool at real-time live (and on demand) video? Isn't it a webinar? What's the deal about streaming to youtube, facebook, etc? Why does it work for recruiters? Let's have some examples? How do I get viewers? What do I do with afterwards?
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Recruiter Stuff – Find the Hidden Hires within your CRM

Live Chat show with Louise Triance (of UK Recruiter) and guests Lisa Jones of Barclay Jones and Wendy McDougall of Firefish Software
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Recruiter Stuff – Reinventing Email for Recruitment

Live Chat show with Louise Triance (of UK Recruiter) and co-host Stephen O'Donnell (NORAs) with GUEST Billy McDiarmid. Sponsored by Firefish Software
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