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Pipeline Mastery: How to Motivate Your Team to Use Your CRM

In this webinar we will be sharing the keys to motivating your recruiters to use their CRM (or any other sales tech tool) better. You need a flow of inbound leads. To build a pipeline where you have a consistent flow of inbound vacancy leads and candidates you need to
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Boringly Brilliant: Pipeline Mastery

Boringly Brilliant: Pipeline Mastery. Some may enjoy the roller coaster of up and down billings, but most directors just want to know what they are going to bill month in month out. This show will help Consultants, managers and directors the understand key levers they should master if they are to have a brilliantly boring...
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Recruitment Stuff – HR; Why PSLs are a LOAD of COBBLERS

HR; does it frustrate you when agencies simply ignore your "we have a PSL" policy and insist on engaging with Line Managers? Recruitment Consultants; do you ever take no for an answer when you hear that old "we have a PSL" line? PSLs are STOPPING the best candidates getting the job.
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Recruiting Gym: Secrets of a Mediocre Recruiter

This week we have the legendary Recruiting Animal on the show. He is a legend in the recruitment industry and host to one of the wildest recruitment radio shows on earth. He will be sharing the secrets of being a mediocre recruiter.
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The Agency Branding Show Ep:1

We are pleased to have as our first guests, James Osborne - Founder of The Recruitment Network, and Tony Babb - CEO of Harrington Starr James and Toby will be joining Sean & Steve to discuss the 'best in class' recruitment agency, and explore: Why would an ace recruiter want to work for YOUR agency?!
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Recruitment Stuff – Why Webcasting Works

What is so cool at real-time live (and on demand) video? Isn't it a webinar? What's the deal about streaming to youtube, facebook, etc? Why does it work for recruiters? Let's have some examples? How do I get viewers? What do I do with afterwards?
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Don’t Be A Recruiting Villain – with Clair Bush

Clair Bush a Recruitment Marketing maven, will help viewers not be the Recruiting Villain everyone expects. She will explain how being Authentic, Transparent and keeping things simple will help you build a great brand in your market place.
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Is GDPR Kryptonite for Recruiters?

GDPR could significantly disrupt how recruiters work. But what will it mean in reality. In this gym session we have Frances Lewis from Osborne Clark who will be able to demystify GDPR and what it could mean for how recruiters operating practices.
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Recruiting Superhero’s Gym & Guest James Nathan

The Recruiting Superhero Gym is dedicated to helping recruiters and their managers unleash their inner superpowers. This episode we have James Nathan, sharing tips and tactics to improve two, yes two powers. Firstly he will show how to improve your Superhero listening skills, followed by helping you warm every marketing call you make.
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