The Talent Attraction Channel

So much of modern day recruiting focuses on how we attract talent, the content we share, the stories we tell, what’s the best representation of our brand, and what tech will help us achieve this.

The Talent Attraction Channel is a regular series which discusses precisely those subjects, with some of the world’s leading practitioners and innovators in the TA, Employer Brand and Recruitment Technology space.

The show is hosted by social recruiting fire-starter Steve Ward, who is now a Talent Attraction & Social Recruiting Strategist for growing companies, and is sponsored by talent pipeline software innovators Candidate.ID

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The Talent Attraction Channel – Ep12 – w/Shaunda Zilich from GE

My guest who posed this subject, is the fabulous Shaunda Zilich, Global Employer Brand Lead at GE, a company known for being one of the more progressive employer brand case studies. However Shaunda won't necessarily have her GE hat on; we'll get to the heart of what candidate focus really is, and what evolution is...
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