Tell Me I’m Wrong

In a world where recruitment and HR professionals are very conscious of the tectonic plates of political correctness shifting under their feet on a daily basis, it is often easier to hold on tightly to long held beliefs than to be seen to change your view.

Tell Me I’m Wrong is a show where the format actively encourages the airing of very different opinions, whilst being fully prepared to re-form that view.

Hosted by Stephen O’Donnell and Hung Lee, each week we will debate a hot topic, and challenge or support commonly held assertions. Points will be awarded for successfully changing the opinions of the participants.

TELL ME I’M WRONG Ep6: Counteroffers and why to accept them

In our sixth and final show of this series, Stephen O'Donnell contends that contrary to popular belief, accepting a counteroffer is not the career suicide many recruiters will have you believe.
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TELL ME I’M WRONG Ep5: Woop Woop! That’s the sound of the Social Media Police

In our fifth show, Stephen O'Donnell contends that effective use of social media for marketing purposes is reliant on sticking to established conventions, and not breaking the agreed-upon rules.
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TELL ME I’M WRONG Ep4: Rejected candidates don’t want your stinking feedback

In our fourth show, Stephen O'Donnell contends that successful candidates don't need feedback, and rejected candidates don't want it. "If you don't want me to join your company, why should I value your opinion on my shortcomings?"
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