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Over the past 18 months, since January 2016, a number of us have been using a number of visual platforms to host online discussions between experts and practitioners in the Human Resources and professional recruiting sector. From the response, it was clear that a sizable audience had an appetite for this content, and that they simply weren’t being otherwise catered for.

Louise Triance of UK Recruiter and Stephen O’Donnell of The NORAs began hosting shows around the same time as Katrina Collier did, and more joined in as the market grew. It then made sense to work together, and establish a platform where we could deliver a wider range of show formats and hosts over regular shows each week. This collaboration has resulted in Recruiter Zone, hosted by Louise and Stephen, but very much a team venture which will continue to evolve and grow.

Please contact us if you would like to be a guest on any of our shows, or even become a host yourself,

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The #SocialRecruiting Show
The #SocialRecruiting Show
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The #SocialRecruiting Show
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